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I am a musical artist who paints in an intuitive and improvisatory fashion.
I love the immediacy and physicality of applying paint and making colours sing!
It was in my late thirties that i became courageous enough to pursue painting.

Painting is one way to help me make sense of whatever is going on in my life..distilled through my senses and life states...expressing unseen potential with colour and energy. I want feelings, whatevers going on with me to unravel and develop naturally and unforced in the moment.

There is usually a freshness about the work which is a free-ing and joyful process sometimes evolving into storyscapes.. they tell a story to the viewer.

Of course perseverance plays a large part too! I follow the adventure until i feel happy. And this ties in nicely with the early 20th educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi who believed in value creation and the purpose of education was for children to become happy! I am ever youthful!

Usually i work with charcoal, oil, mainly acrylic and ink and some acetate pieces are works in spontaneous and playful progress.
I also love the apparent randomness of abstract photos which are being developed, as well as working on some songs and a musical piece ‘finding a voice’.

Currently i live in East Kent near the sea and have exhibited mainly in London and Kent although i have pieces in collections across Europe and in the USA.

My artworks or i call them storyscapes -as there is usually some sort of narratives going on throughout them:
are adventures in energy and intuition.

I try to express a freedom and the joy of being alive.
My more layered work is built up over time.
Mainly I work in acrylic, ink and charcoal.

Showing at New Kent Gallery Broadstairs

Currently based in East Kent I have exhibited fairly widely over the UK and I have paintings collected across Europe, in France, Scotland, Majorca, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and now the United States.

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